From Facebook: ” To Lanis Karnes: You have been used by God to make this all possible. You have fought for us every step of the way. You spent hours fighting for our kids so that we could raise them in the house of God. Thanks for every hour spent, all the orders you have had to prepare, and every time you stood before the Judge on our behalf. I could never pay you what this is worth to me, all I can do is say thank you and I pray that God richly bless you.”

“Had the most delightful conversation with your sweet Mom on Monday when I stopped by. She is a sheer joy and I was blessed.
She made my day!!”

The most knowledgeable that I have dealt with in her field. Honest and to the point.

[Lanis] is a honest hardworking attorney. She is caring and compassionate. She fights hard for her clients. I would recommend her to anyone