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In Its Wake, Sandusky Sex Scandal Will Generate More Victims

In Its Wake, Sandusky Sex Scandal Will Generate More Victims by Dean Tong    August 13, 2012

Few words can describe the unconscionable and heinous acts of sexual abuse perpetrated upon teenage boys by former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky... surreal, detestable, pond scum. Sandusky was the late Joe Paterno's assistant coach for 31 seasons from 1969 to 1999. In 1977, Sandusky founded The Second Mile, a charity to help troubled young boys, in State College, Pennsylvania. But genuine child molesters can be smooth operators and clandestinely and cleverly secret their perverted acts. Known as hebephilia or ephebophilia, Sandusky possessed an attraction to sexually abuse puberty-aged and post-pubescent teenaged boys. Undoubtedly, The Second Mile was a tool used by Sandusky for "grooming" purposes. Grooming is a term used when child sex abuse perpetrators lay in wait or prepare to molest their victims. Ironically, In 2008, Sandusky was first investigated for sexually...
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Help For Homeowners In Retaining Homes

Website, Hotline Explain Mortgage Settlement
With 49 state attorneys general and the feds reaching an agreement with the nation's largest loan servicers, as much as $25 billion in relief will be available to distressed borrowers and government agencies. Homeowners also have a new online resource to help them determine eligibility for relief under the settlement. General information for those struggling to keep their homes is available here or from a new hotline, which can be reached at (855) 876-7283....
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