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Know your rights before you talk to anyone from CPS/DCS or let them in your house.  They won’t tell you your rights.  CPS/DCS can’t do anything without your consent.  Demand a warrant and speak with an attorney first before speaking with anyone from CPS/DCS, it could cost you your children.     The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said it best, “The government’s interest in the welfare of children embraces not only protecting children from physical abuse, but also protecting children’s interest in the privacy and dignity of their homes and in the lawfully exercised authority of their parents.” Calabretta v. Floyd, 189 F.3d 808 (9th Cir. 1999)....
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ANONYMOUS: As the president of an organization that has been helping homeschooling families for nearly 20 years, I have seen the work of quite a few attorneys. I have NEVER seen one as knowledgeable, aggressive, sincere, and effective as Lanis. One of the families with whom we are working now hired a local attorney and squandered $8K on him before finding Lanis. Within a few days of taking their badly mishandled case, she had filed more than a dozen overdue motions with the court, and changed the entire tenor of the adjudication, throwing light on the egregious misconduct of the county. This attorney has integrity, grit, wisdom and a true compassion for her work and the truth. She communicates fabulously, and is willing to invest the time it takes to make you feel fully informed about what is happening. I highly recommend her. Lanis Karnes is currently representing my family...
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Why Karnes Legal Services

Karnes Legal Services,(KLS) founded in 1996, has offered clients in Tennessee and Virginia an aggressive civil trial practice. Karnes Legal Services is a general practice law firm; with an emphasis on litigation. Karnes Legal Services was founded on the belief that God is the true Lawgiver and above all else He is just. KLS’ mission is to ensure that the law and justice are served. This requires knowledge, experience, civility, fairness, judgment, integrity, honesty, wisdom, common sense and a commitment to equal justice under the law. [clear]  

Quality Law Firm

Ms. Karnes combines the ability to listen, compassion, sensitivity to the client’s concerns, flexibility and a belief in the strength and sanctity of the family unit with her commitment to excellence by upholding the utmost standards of morals and ethics. Her tenacity and...

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