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What does a lawyer do with his or her time?

Most clients have a pre conceived perception that lawyers golf and fish on a daily basis, and do not understand the legal process in general. Television has distorted the perception  giving the impression that a person can walk into a lawyer’s office the day before a jury trial and the lawyer will not only take the case, but will win it with only a few minutes with little or no preparation for court.  Because of this when clients feel the process takes too long, they get restless because they don’t understand what a lawyer does with his/her time. KLS lawyers are busy.  Would you rather hire a busy lawyer or one that has nothing to do because of lack of experience or success? A busy lawyer’s work is never done. KLS receives hundreds of calls a day and thousands of emails a day.  There is always work to do on someone’s case,...
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See You At The Pole (SYATP) is this morning, September 26

See You At The Pole (SYATP) is this morning, September 26.  It is the annual gathering of Christian students of all ages at a flagpole in front of their local school for prayer, scripture-reading and hymn-singing, during the early morning before school starts. Organized Prayer Groups and Activities Students may organize prayer groups, religious clubs, and "see you at the pole" gatherings before school to the same extent that students are permitted to organize other non-curricular student activities groups. Such groups must be given the same access to school facilities for assembling as is given to other non-curricular groups, without discrimination because of the religious content of their expression. School authorities possess substantial discretion concerning whether to permit the use of school media for student advertising or announcements regarding non-curricular activities. However, where student groups that meet for nonreligious activities are permitted to advertise or announce their meetings—for example, by advertising in...
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Did God go back to your public school?

Children no longer have to return to school and leave their faith at the schoolhouse door. Public school students across America can form religious clubs, pray together in their free time, distribute religious literature to classmates, share their religious convictions in class discussions and in many other ways which belie the myth of the “godless public schools.” Teachers are preparing to teach about religions in various history and literature classes. State standards, especially in the social studies, now require that students learn something (and, in some states, a considerable amount) about the major faith traditions. This much religion in schools may strike some readers as surprising and new, but God hasn’t come back into public education overnight.  It has taken more than two decades for student religious expression and study about religions to return, slowly but steadily, to public schools — owing to court decisions, legislation, and broadly supported guidelines issued by religious,...
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