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Tennessee requires anyone who suspects child abuse to be a "mandatory reporter."  Child abuse investigations can be initiated by reports from teachers, doctors, counselors, ministers. other professionals, parents of your children's friends, neighbors, relatives, or observing strangers if they have reason to believe child abuse has occurred. Other times a disgruntled spouse or former spouse will make a report to gain advantage in divorce in cases. These reports may be anonymous. Having a child abuse attorney is critical to having a successful outcome in your case. Early intervention with the Department of Children and Family Services, police investigators and prosecutors is essential. If meetings are set for you to attend at The Department of Children's Services, do not attend without counsel, and do not sign any papers without approval of counsel. If you have to go to court on a child abuse offense, it is vital be prepared in...
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Child Abuse & Neglect

KLS attorneys have served as guardian ad litem in child abuse, dependency/neglect  and termination of parental rights cases.   KLS attorneys handle private cases and court appointments in this field.  KLS trains other attorneys across the state in this field as well.   KLS lawyers understand issues related to child abuse and neglect.   Child physical or emotional abuse claims can arise in a variety of contexts and motives. Sometimes the young victim tells a relative, friend, teacher, counselor or minister who then reports it to a government agency such as Child Protective Services may press charges. Other times a child tells a relative who files a lawsuit against the perpetrator.   Because of the victims' tender age, abuse cases frequently are complicated. You may seek a child abuse lawyer whether you have been accused of child abuse, or if you're seeking to file a lawsuit on the victim's behalf. Child abuse can take many forms. It...
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Help For Homeowners In Retaining Homes

Website, Hotline Explain Mortgage Settlement
With 49 state attorneys general and the feds reaching an agreement with the nation's largest loan servicers, as much as $25 billion in relief will be available to distressed borrowers and government agencies. Homeowners also have a new online resource to help them determine eligibility for relief under the settlement. General information for those struggling to keep their homes is available here or from a new hotline, which can be reached at (855) 876-7283....
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