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A happy client sent this poem to KLS:   Gone are the little arms and kisses they bestow Gone are the sweet good nights they only know Gone are the school events planned every year Gone is the security each one holds so dear Gone are the holidays and family traditions Now they have fear and unusual positions.   Now they have strangers and rules they don't know And going back home is dragging by so slow New schools, new faces, new friends to make So hard to wait for the extra-long time it takes They cry sometimes in the middle of the night Wondering what will be the next horrible fright.   But - wait - Lanis Karnes is a Godsend from on high She gives hope in the place of wanting to die She brings her expertise to the table each time She has her proof in orders and lays it on the line DCS has never met a lawyer so up on their game And I guarantee they...
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Annulment differs from divorce

Annulment differs from divorce, which recognizes the original validity of a marriage and dissolves that marriage.  An annulment is a court ruling that decrees a marriage was void at its inception. Tennessee law specifies specific statutory grounds that will support a decree of annulment: 1.     Fraud - Fraud or misrepresentation that induces someone to marry is grounds for an annulment such as someone giving the false impression he wants children or misrepresenting that he was never convicted of a crime. 2.     Duress - If a marriage is entered into under conditions that can be characterized as duress, it is grounds for annulment in Tennessee. 3.     Medical Conditions - If your spouse suffers from insanity and has no medical grounds to anticipate a recovery, the courts will grant an annulment. 4.     Sexual dysfunction -  If your spouse suffers from a sexual dysfunction that affects your marriage, you qualify for an annulment. 5.      Underage Spouse - Tennessee...
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If you are wrongly indicated by DCS as a child abuser, you must appeal in 10 days

Concerns regarding the TN Administrative Appeals of Indicated Child Abuse – If you are wrongly indicated by DCS as a child abuser, you must appeal in  10 days. Not all indicated perpetrators currently have a right to access the administrative/judicial appeal process; (2) sometimes the rights are triggered years after the allegations were investigated which causes problems presenting evidence, etc; (3) some of the indicated perpetrators are minor children and special protections need to be in place for them; (4) many indicated perpetrators don’t have access to legal advice and representation related to the administrative appeals. (5) There may be a problem getting the “indicated” status changed in the DCS computer system when an appellant prevails in the appeal process. KLS can help you with this appeal....
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