An annulment is when the court decides that your marriage is null in void, or in other words the court declares that the marriage never existed according to law. Sometimes it is in the best interests of both parties involved in a divorce to seek an annulment of marriage rather than a typical divorce. An annulment effectively nullifies or dissolves the couple’s marital status by establishing that a valid marriage was never accomplished. Grounds for annulment are tricky and it’s important that you have an annulment lawyer. An experienced annulment attorney can show you how to get an annulment or void your marriage. Generally a divorce is easier to obtain then an annulment as there are only a few reasons why the court will grant an annulment.

Divorce and family law cases and the divorce/annulment proceedings themselves are complicated and often highly charged from an emotional level. You may require divorce law advice and divorce litigation representation. We can help you with your divorce/annulment case including property division; uncontested divorce; the divorce/annulment filing procedure; mediation; settlement; trial etc.

Our family attorneys handle many divorce and annulment proceeding, even the most complex, high-asset property division disputes and cases involving complicated prenuptial agreements and paternity disputes.

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